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Leadership is defined by results, not attributes.
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Providing Your Business with Solutions

Business Legacy Consulting provides solutions that are unique to each client’s size, industry and current challenge. The first step is always to listen, listen more and then listen even more!

Our clients’ problems are solved using one or more of the following consultative approaches:

Improving Family Dynamics

Family/Work Challenges – There are many issues unique and challenging to the family-owned business. Remember the elephant in the room? Business Legacy Consulting works with you to resolve issues including:

  • Stress and tension due to family conflict within the business
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities of family members as well as roles of upcoming family members entering the business
  • Inequities in family compensation plans
  • Family communication systems including the lack of work/family boundaries

Fostering Leadership

Executive Level Coaching – All confidential conversations with an experienced executive coach. Topics of conversation include (but are not limited to):

  • Family business related issues
  • Workplace stress and relief strategies
  • Succession plans/retirement/exit strategy issues
  • Management/leadership skills building

Retreats – Senior Level Retreats designed and facilitated to:

  • Strengthen leadership teams
  • Build leadership skills
  • Provide out-of-office time for strategic planning
  • Model skills such as meeting planning and time management

Focus on the Business

Strategic Planning – Business Legacy Consulting designs and facilitates your Strategic Planning process which:

  • Provides a roadmap for the future through the development of goals, objectives and performance metrics
  • Determines what the business priorities are
  • Determines how, when, and where company resources will be used
  • Provides the owner with a system to better run the business because metrics don’t lie.

Maximizing the Value of Your Business

Best Practices – Business Legacy Consulting evaluates your company’s processes and procedures and identifies opportunities to implement “best practices” in operational systems – designed to improve the financial results of your business.

This Operations Component includes:

  • Review of current financial reports, goals and metrics, and cost drivers for the business.
  • Identify areas for improvement (items that are out of line with history, projections, industry, etc.).
  • Focus efforts on areas that need improvement through the design, building and testing of processes and procedures in these functional areas.

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