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Testimionials about Business Legacy Consulting

Mark Lee is about accuracy, thorough analysis, and making sound financial choices. His vast experience, from large corporate environments to owning his own small business, adds value to any firm, as his viewpoint comes from the approach and mind of a CFO.

Karen Benz is insightful, an outstanding communicator, and truly understands the process of taking a company from the early stages of evaluation to the final stages of results. Her mastery of the DISC assessment is quite possibly the most valued training tool a company could elect to implement. Karen’s background in human resources, along with her years of success as a business consultant, executive coach and trainer make her a “must have” for any business looking to improve.

As Business Legacy Consulting, Mark Lee and Karen Benz are a team that simply can’t be beat. They cover both ends of the spectrum of business consulting and everything in between. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to improve or transition into a new phase of growth.

Donald P. Wilson
Director of Corporate Relations
Province Mortgage Associates, Inc.

Karen is one of the most professional people I have worked with over the past twelve years. Her drive for excellence in whatever she tackles is impressive. I have always felt 100 percent confident that she will undertake the project at hand fully and flawlessly. This effort is further balanced and enhanced by her considerate and perceptive nature. She has a keen ability to listen and synthesize situations and then provide pragmatic and intelligent solutions.

Deborah Mathews
Center for Human Services
University of Rhode Island

Karen continues to provide me with great values – beyond our initial engagement in 2006. Her analytic skills to quickly assess the situation with workplace issues is, in a word, "amazing." Her deep insights on what make people tick and how we interact and affect the outcomes of our career, projects, relationships of all kinds, is simply invaluable. The higher you go up the ladder, the more you need someone like Karen to guide you. Armed with the DISC assessments, and using that knowledge to better understand myself and the people around me has been truly a gift. Thank you so much, Karen.”

T.J. Saotome
Small Business Owner

I first met Mark Lee, CPA, six years ago, and from the first time we discussed taxes I knew he would become my CPA. I had switched accounting firms three times prior to meeting Mark, in search of actual advice, each time coming up short. I knew I would work with Mark because he asks questions that go deeper into my situation than any of the prior CPAs I have ever had. Although I know a lot about taxes, I know what I don’t know. Mark knows it. I always depend on his advice, and he hasn’t steered me wrong. As a case in point, Mark recently researched a point with which he was uncomfortable, and not until he was deep within the IRS site, did he locate the detail needed for us to do the right thing on our return. The fact that he is willing to do that research speaks loudly of his ethics, as well. If he is not 100% absolute on an important point, he’ll get the facts before moving forward. That allows me to sleep better at night, knowing my personal and business tax returns are done properly, with painstaking detail. Thank you, Mark, for doing what you do.

Stephen R. Bucknam, CFP®, CRPC®
Senior Financial Advisor
Bucknam, Masseur and Associates, a financial advisory
practice of Ameriprise Financial

Karen is one of the most talented and insightful professionals I know. She's a great listener, very knowledgeable and has a knack for seeing a clear path through a thorny problem. I would recommend Karen to any senior executive who needs an experienced professional coach with judgment, a good heart and a sense of humor.

Robin Uncapher
Senior Vice President, Recruiting, COO
Atlas Agency


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